Pedro Pimentel is a photographer, writer and filmmaker from Brazil. Born in Recife - Pernambuco, in 1996, Pimentel has been aside his camera from a very early age. 

Passionate about cinema's Golden Age, he values the theatrical essence of films. The big-screen classic spectacles, that range from small independent productions to big, epic melodramas from the 1960s. 

In his words: "A theatrical spectacle is defined not by the size of a production's budget, nor its genre, but for the broad range of emotions portrayed together with its daring creative characteristics and authentic, personal subject matters."

Pimentel began his work as a photographer, later discovering his passion for films. His photography work, mostly captured on film, ranges from street photos, to architectural, as well as from portraits to landscapes. 

He produces his films through his brand named "Manguetown Pictures", inspired by the "Mangue Bit" movement, cultural movement originated in his birth city in the 1990s. 

Pimentel currently resides in New Hampshire, USA, where he produces most of his projects. 

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